How the Chic came to be

Dubai's culinary landscape has always been populated by many different cuisines and flavors, however what was missing was something that was out of the ordinary... a new sensory experience and a new concept that was bubbling up from the tea cups of Asia...

The Story Starts from a distant land. Invented in the early 1980s in Taiwan, the buzz around this incredible drink became to permeate the rest of Asia by the 1990s. Just as we in the rest of the world were being confounded by Rubiks Cubes, our counterparts in Asia were busy chewing and slurping the new craze. By the early 2000s, bubble tea had snuck through the back doors of the China Towns all over Australia and North America. The next step in tea-volution had begun!

The formula of our founders. We have always strived to adhere to the long-standing corporate Japanese philosophy that simply states, "Provide good quality at a reasonable price, always put the customer first." With this in mind, the idea of Chic Choux began to simmer in our minds. How do we import the fantastic sweet flavors of Asia, and specifically Japan, to the Middle East?

The love for good food. Our founders have always had a deep love for surprising and enjoyable flavors. After hours and hours of mixing different flavors, some of which are still on our menu today, our core offerings were decided. We had one goal ... to deliver exceptional taste to the Emirates.

The time to shine. After an exhilarating road, it was finally time to introduce bubble tea to Dubai. Our store opened and has become the very epicenter of bubble tea. Making bubble tea-drinking a national pass-time, we also brought along with us the very best of traditional Japanese products.